H K Hillman, writer and rogue scientist.

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Welcome to the homepage of author H. K. Hillman. Here you can find books for sale and plenty of free samples to pique your interest. I hope you find something to suit your taste.

The stuff I write

Mostly horror but leaning more towards psychological rather than all-out gore. Some elements of science fiction but more as a setting for the terror than as SF in itself. A little humour, a lot of psychotic characters and some very nice demons.

I like scaring people. It's twisted but it's fun.

Traditional or self publishing?


I prefer novels to be traditionally published because then the cover art and editing are the publisher's business and they do these things far better than I can.

Short story collections are a hard sell to publishers and are easy to edit and proofread myself. This does mean more work for me, plus I have to make my own cover art, but they are available for sale almost as soon as they are ready. 

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Neither is an easy option. Which way you choose is up to you.