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Jessica's Trap

In a corner of the English Civil War, a demonic battle is stirring.



In the middle of the English civil war, an inexperienced young witch calls on demonic help to capture an ancient creature, an evil as old as Time and which inhabits the one known as 'Witchfinder-General'. Inexperience is no match for the wiles of demons and Jessica soon loses control. The demons will build the trap she wants but...

She is to be the bait.

Published by Eternal Press and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in print and electronic formats.

Fears of the Old and the New

Nineteen tales of terror and despair.


From ancient stones to beer cans, from arcane rituals to dishwashers, the monsters are everywhere, in the past and in the present. In this collection of short tales you will find demons ancient and modern mixed with reality and unreality.

By the end, you might not be certain which is which.

Available in print and in most electronic formats, including Kindle.

Dark Thoughts and Demons

Eleven tales of monsters, demonic and human.


What do you do if you escape Hell and return to your body, only to find you’ve been cremated and are stuck as dust in a jar? What are those train loonies really up to? Are there really things in the rain, are there supernatural saviours in alleyways, is it safe to deal with demons and if you choose to steal, what are the odds of burgling a house occupied by a demented killer?

In these eleven tales you will meet monsters both supernatural and human and it’s up to you to decide which are worse – the demons, or the dark thoughts of Man?

Available in print and in a range of electronic formats, including Kindle.


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